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I Never Follow The Routine To Get Stronger

I Never Follow The Routine To Get Stronger - HD

Shen Ji Xuanze: Wo Cong Bu An Taolu Bian Qiang, God Rank Options: I Never Follow a Routine to Become Stronger, Shén Jí Xuǎnzé: Wǒ Cóng Bù Àn Tàolù Biàn Qiáng, 神级选择:我从不按套路变强, God-Level Choice: I Never Follow A Routine To Become Stronger

Now showing: Episode 21

Latest episode: 212019

Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen

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Movie plot

“Ding Ding!” “System Prompt: facing the challenge of a Sect disciple, please host choose give him a hug – reward one Spirit Sea Pill.” “Ding Ding!” “System prompt: the sect disciple is under ambush, please host choose run away quickly – reward one high grade elixir.” Lin Yi unexpectedly got the choice system, and thought he would soar to the sky, but it turned out that the system binding went wrong, so he opened an alternative mode of cultivation.

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